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E-Commerce Solutions


Why Highbury Hill?

Choosing an ecommerce platform for an online business is one of the toughest decisions an entrepreneur needs to make. If this choice is made hastily, without the right information, they risk investing time and money into a platform that does not meet their needs. Costs associated with choosing the wrong platform can significantly impact the success and longevity of your business.

That’s where we come in, we can set everything up for you as well as our team can advise you on many areas such as dropshipping, Finding the right products to sell, attracting customers, and so on.

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    From deciding what hosting service to use, to importing products from existing storefronts, starting an online store comes with many challenges that many entrepreneurs aren’t expecting. Luckily, our hosted ecommerce platforms offer a turnkey solution that removes many of these early stage barriers.

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    Start Selling Quicker

    The Shopify hosted platforms offers a simplified store setup process and easy day-to-day management, through robust content management systems (CMS) that are uncommon when compared to their open-source counterparts.

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    All in One

    Merchants receive native hosting, shopping cart functionality, and sales channel integrations with no additional fees or integrations. This can save significant time and financial investment that would otherwise exist with open source platforms.

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    ​Going hosted means you get access to 24/7 technical support and ongoing platform maintenance to reduce downtime, and keep your business running smoothly.

Why Shopify?

The ecommerce platform made for you
Shopify is the world’s leading multi-channel commerce platform, powering more than 400,000 businesses who have collectively sold more than $34 billion worth of products online or in-person.

A home for your business – ​Fully customizable website, online store, and blog.
Limitless potential – ​Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory, and customer data.
Sell anywhere your customers are – ​Multiple sales channels like Amazon, Facebook,
Pinterest, and more.
Store management made easy – ​24/7 award-winning customer support .
Rest easy knowing your business is safe – ​Industry leading security and reliability with 256-bit SSL certificates, Level-1 PCI compliance, and 99.9% uptime.

Customer Comments

Vladimir Kostka Photography

I have been a customer of Highbury Hill for many years now, they are my go to team for support, hosting and management of my site.  I can not speak highly enough of them, they give me total peace of mind knowing they are on top of everything.  Last year I wanted to change to an e-commerce site.  The process was smooth and professional.

Vladimir Kostka Photography
Birdly Canada

I approached Highbury Hill as this was my first ever venture into the world of e-commerce.  I couldn’t be happier, not only was I ready for market so fast, but they gave me lots of solid advice and pointers on how to succeed.  That first sale was so sweet.

Birdly Canada
Birdly Canada
The Merch Club

We had an idea that would make us a little different, but did not know how to implement it.   Not only did Highbury Hill  solve our problem but we were also able to build a new business around it.  We feel very confident that whatever challenges come up, our partner Highbury Hill are right there with us.

The Merch Club
The Merch Club